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It doesn’t get more neighborly and family-friendly than Kasson, Minnesota! Just a 20 minute drive away from Rochester, Kasson boasts one of Minnesota’s best public school systems, while offering residents the serene luxury of peaceful, accessible, and accommodating small town living.

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Quick Facts About Kasson
  • 20-minute drive from Rochester, Minnesota
  • Population of 6,851 (2020)
  • Popular Attractions: Kasson Aquatic Center, Dodge County Ice Arena, East Diamond Park
  • Located right along Highway 14 West
Schools in Kasson
  • Kasson-Mantorville Community Education (Preschool)
  • Kasson-Mantorville Elementary School
  • Kasson-Mantorville Middle School
  • Kasson-Mantorville High School
Parks in Kasson
  • East Diamond Park
  • Meadowland Park
  • Lions Park
  • Prairie View Park
  • J Hyde Park
  • Veterans Memorial Park

Kasson Communities

A tight knit community surrounded by gorgeous Minnesotan scenery, Kasson remains one of the most inviting small-town environments that’s perfect for any family trying to settle down in Southeastern Minnesota.

Click on any of the Bigelow Home communities below to learn a little more about the available subdivision lots for sale!

Bigelow-Voigt Eighth

Nestled within a cozy corner on the northwestern side of town, our Bigelow-Voigt Eighth subdivision lot offers a little more peace and quiet as opposed to other available locations in Kasson. This community also rests right in the middle between Kasson’s school district and plenty of retail outlets and grocery stores.

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Houston's First

Resting right above the serene, tranquil scenery of East Diamond Park, the Houston's First subdivision lot offers families a welcoming cul-de-sac living area that’s also adjacent to some of Kasson’s biggest attractions, such as the Dodge County Speedway and the Dodge County Four Seasons arena.

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Komet Acres

Interested in living in a location that’s just far away enough from all the city amenities so you can have a little peace and quiet, but don’t have to drive too far to reach them? Our Komet Acres subdivision is perfect for families looking for more of a serene setting for their living situation, spending every morning admiring their scenic surroundings!

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Meadowbrooke Second

Looking for a home that’s just about as close as you can get to all of the major Kasson public schools? All of the available homes in our Meadowbrooke Second subdivision lot are perfect for families looking to be within walking distance of both the Kasson High School and Elementary School.

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Prairie Willows Second

Located just above County Highway 34 and Highway 14 West, our Prairie Willows Second subdivision lot offers one of the most accessible locations in all of Kasson. It’s also situated right next to a variety of retail and grocery stores, making all of your shopping duties as easy as possible.

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Prairie Willows Fourth

Situated right across from our Prairie Willows Second subdivision lot, our Prairie Willows Fourth subdivision lot rests right on County Highway 34, offering instant access to getting on the road while located extremely close to a variety of the town’s amenities and retail outlets.

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South Bend (Commercial)

Looking for a perfect location in Kasson for your business or commercial property? Our South Bend subdivision offers a convenient, accessible location for your Kasson business to thrive! Located south of Downtown Kasson and resting adjacent to Highway 14, this subdivision is ideal for any commercial property owners looking to make a splash in Kasson.

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South Fork Third

Want to build a home that’s close enough to all the downtown action of Kasson, but just far away enough that you can take advantage of a little peace and quiet? Our South Fork Third subdivision is perfect for homeowners who want the best of both worlds! This subdivision is located right next to State Highway 13, making it an ideal spot for anyone looking for an easy work commute.

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Start Finding Your Dream Home in Kasson, Minnesota!

Kasson offers plenty of opportunities to safely raise a family amidst the wonderful, inviting scenery of Southeastern Minnesota. At Bigelow Homes, we strive to do whatever it takes to build your dream home in a community that fulfills all your lifestyle needs.

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