Pine Island

Custom Home Building in Pine Island, Minnesota!

Every day is a new opportunity for adventure or relaxation for the residents of Pine Island, Minnesota. Parks, trails, golf courses – just about every recreational activity you can think of is available at your leisure in this forward-thinking small town!

Whether it’s finding a friendly neighborhood to raise a family in or seeking shelter from all the commotion of big city living, contact Bigelow Homes today to start building your new home in Pine Island, Minnesota.

Quick Facts About Pine Island
  • 15-minute drive from Rochester
  • Population of 3,841 (2021)
  • Popular Attractions: Aquatic Center, Pine Island White Pines Sportsman's Club, Pine Island Golf Course, Pioneers Baseball
  • Located right along U.S. Highway 52
Schools in Pine Island
  • Pine Island Public School District (K-12)
Parks in Pine Island
  • Trailhead Park
  • Collins Park
  • Wazuweeta Park
  • Custer Park

Pine Island Communities

Pine Island gives its residents access to all the outdoor recreational activities you can imagine, while still being located just a quick drive away from both Rochester and the Twin Cities. Let us help you find the best neighborhood that suits all your lifestyle needs!

Click on any of the Bigelow Home Communities below to learn more about how our available subdivision lots can cater to your living preferences.

Pine Crest

Looking to live in your very own cozy cul-de-sac? Our Pine Crest subdivision is perfect for anyone who wants a little more seclusion with their residence, while also being within close proximity to public parks and scenic surroundings.

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Pine Crest Second

Nestled right next to our Pine Crest subdivision, but offering more of a residential, neighborhood-feel, our Pine Crest Second subdivision is a perfect fit for any families looking to get more rooted in their local community and take advantage of all the beautiful scenery surrounding their new home.

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Pine Prairie

Located on the eastern side of town, our Pine Prairie subdivision lot is ideal for any families looking to be within close proximity to the Pine Island School District, as well as plenty of public parks and outdoor sports complexes.

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Ready to Start Building Your New Pine Island Home?

Life’s just easier and simpler in a place like Pine Island. With its enchanting scenery and expanding developments, Pine Island offers Minnesotans the opportunity to take part in a growing community that’s bursting with potential.

At Bigelow Homes, we can’t wait to introduce to our list of beautiful Pine Island homes in up-and-coming neighborhoods. Contact us today to start building your dream home in Pine Island!

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