Build Your Dream Home in Oronoco, Minnesota!

Small-town living never looked or felt so good when it comes to residing in Oronoco, Minnesota! A community that’s known for its gorgeous outdoor scenery, neighborly camaraderie, and expanding developments, Oronoco is a prime example of a charming, small Southeastern Minnesota town that’s bursting with big ideas.

If you’re looking to build your dream home in Oronoco, Minnesota, contact Bigelow Homes today to get the ball rolling on your new house!

Quick Facts About Oronoco
  • 15-minute drive from Rochester, MN
  • Population of 1,806 (2021)
  • Features a historic Downtown District and beautiful park and trail system
  • Home of Oronoco Gold Rush Days (One of the largest antique shows in the Upper Midwest)
  • Located right along U.S. Highway 52
Schools in Oronoco
  • Pine Island School District
  • Rochester Public or Private schools.
Parks in Oronoco
  • Oronoco Park
  • Garden Park
  • Allis Park
  • River Park
  • Valley View Park

Cedar Woodlands

Located on the Southeast corner of Oronoco, our Cedar Woodlands subdivision lot rests right off of U.S. Highway 52, giving you a convenient, accessible neighborhood that’s immersed in plenty of surrounding scenic beauty.

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Oronoco is the perfect town for any Minnesotans looking for a change of pace that encapsulates the beauty and peacefulness of small-town living. At Bigelow Homes, our passion is helping all of our clients get better acquainted with communities that align with their values and needs, while doing whatever it takes to make dream homes come to life.

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