Available Lots in Wabasha

Whether it’s one-of-a-kind shopping experiences you’re seeking on the weekends or waking up every morning to breathtaking river views, Wabasha, Minnesota bestows Midwestern magic to all those who reside there! Click below to check out all of our available lots in Wabasha to find the perfect location for your new home.

Contact us online to have any of your Wabasha-related questions answered by our team of housing development professionals.

Find the Right Neighborhood for Your New Wabasha Home!

The first step of building your dream home is finding the best location to build it in! From finding a neighborhood that suits your lifestyle needs to securing an area of town that’s right next to everything you could ask for, Bigelow Homes will work with you to ensure your new home in Wabasha, Minnesota is located exactly where you need it to be. Wabasha model home upon.

All of our available subdivision lots have their own traits and qualities to pick and choose from, and we’ll help you assess which of these locations will be the best fit for you and your new Wabasha model home. To learn more about all of our Bigelow Communities, call us at 507.529.1161or contact us online.

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