Available Lots - Wanamingo

Available Lots in Wanamingo

Lying right on top of the Zumbro River, Wanamingo presents its residents one opportunity after another to take advantage of all the enchanting Minnesota scenery this town has to offer. Click below to explore all of our available lots in Wanamingo to start building your new home.

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Find the Right Location for Your New Wanamingo Home!

Perhaps the most overlooked component to the homebuying process is finding the perfect location to host your dream house for many years to come. Whether it’s choosing an area of town that’s close to a variety of shopping amenities or securing a region that’s within walking distance to school or work, Bigelow Homes is here to ensure your new Wanamingo home resides in the right location for you and your family!

All of our available subdivision lots have their own features and traits to accommodate your preferred way of living, and we’ll be sure to assist you in finding the best plot of land to build your Wanamingo model home upon.

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