Build Your Dream House in Rochester, Minnesota!

Metropolitan amenities meet endless outdoor adventures in Rochester, Minnesota! From its enticing skyline and night life to the over 3500 acres of park land available to explore, Rochester gives its residents the best of both worlds when it comes to suiting your lifestyle needs.

At Bigelow Homes, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to helping Minnesotans find or build their dream home in Rochester, Minnesota. Contact us today to explore all the Rochester housing options currently available!

Quick Facts About Rochester
  • Third largest city in Minnesota
  • Population of 121,465 (2021)
  • Popular Attractions: Rochester Art Center, Mayo Civic Center, Quarry Hill Nature Center, History
  • Center of Olmsted County, wide variety of shopping, dining, and live entertainment options
  • Located right along several major highways, including: US 14, US 52, US 63, I-90, MN 30
Schools in Rochester
  • Rochester Public School System (Century Senior High School, Mayo Senior High School, John Marshall Senior High School, and more)
  • Multiple middle schools and elementary schools to choose from
Parks in Rochester
  • More than 100 parks and 85 miles of paved trails to explore
  • Quarry Hill Nature Center
  • Silver Lake Park

Rochester Communities

Every neighborhood in Rochester provides its residents with ample opportunities to explore all the wonderful amenities this city has to offer. Let us help you get a better feel for which areas in town you’d love to build your dream home!

Click on any of the Bigelow Home Communities below to get more information about our available subdivision lots spread all throughout Rochester.

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Harvest Lake North

Resting within the Northwest region of Rochester, our Harvest Lake subdivision lot is an ideal location for any homeowners looking to reside on the outskirts of town, while still having pristine access to nearby schools, hospitals, parks, and other Rochester amenities.

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Harvestview Third

Any families looking for a more tranquil living environment that’s still a quick drive away from downtown Rochester will love our North Harvestview subdivision lot. Its close proximity to schools and parks still give it more of a small-town feel, without being confined to living out in the countryside.

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Harvest Square

Tucked right in the heart of Northwestern Rochester, our Harvest Square subdivision lot is ideal for homeowners looking for convenient access to main roads, essential amenities, and plenty of nearby nature to explore and appreciate.

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Hawk Ridge

Our Hawk Ridge subdivision lot is conveniently located in Southeastern Rochester and offers homeowners a selection of newly constructed townhomes that are ideal for families interested in making a new home in one of the safest, friendliest neighborhoods in Rochester!

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Ridgeview Manor Sixth

Homeowners who want to relish all the opportunities for outdoor adventure will certainly reap the benefits of our Third Ridgeview Manor subdivision lot. Located just near the beautiful Ridge View Manor Park, this area is also ideal for families looking to stay within close distance to nearby schools and other public parks.

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Stonebrooke Fourth

Residents who want to be a little closer to all the downtown action will love the housing options available in our Stonebrooke Fourth subdivision lot. Just a short drive away from all the activities of downtown Rochester, this region also puts homeowners within close proximity of just about every town amenity you can think of (schools, hospitals, grocery stores, etc).

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Whispering Oaks

Looking for a tight knit community that’s rich in neighborly bonds and connections? Our Fourth Whispering Oaks subdivision lot is nested within some of Rochester’s oldest neighborhoods, while also situated next to a wide variety of parks, schools, and metropolitan amenities.

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Start Building Your New Rochester Home Today!

There’s a reason Rochester, Minnesota continues to be heralded as one of the best places to live in the U.S. With so many areas to explore and memories to be made, Rochester gives its residents ample opportunities to find their place within their community.

At Bigelow Homes, our passion is helping our clients find or build the perfect home in Rochester that will last for many years to come. Contact us today to get started on building your new home in Rochester, Minnesota!

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