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Originality and character come with the territory when your town is known as the "only Zumbrota in the world.” Located nearly in the middle between the Twin Cities and Rochester, Minnesota, Zumbrota offers its residents ample opportunities to participate in the outdoor activities they love, while still having all the amenities of a historic, culturally-significant downtown scene.

At Bigelow Homes, we take pride in helping our clients become perfectly acclimated to their new house in Zumbrota, Minnesota in every way possible. Contact us today to find your dream home in Zumbrota, Minnesota!

Quick Facts About Zumbrota
  • Located just under a half-hour drive from Rochester, Minnesota
  • Population of 3,796 (2021)
  • Popular Attractions: Zumbrota Covered Bridge, Zumbrota Golf Club, Trout Fishing in Hay Creek, Mazeppa Creek, or Cold Spring Creek
  • Located right along U.S. Route 52 and Minnesota State Highways 58 and 60
Schools in Zumbrota
  • Zumbrota-Mazeppa Public Schools
  • Multiple child daycare centers
Parks in Zumbrota
  • Covered Bridge Park,
  • East Park
  • Goodhue County Fair
  • Shades of Sherwood Campground
  • Goodhue Pioneer State Trail System

Zumbrota Communities

In a city as rich in history as Zumbrota, it’s hard not to fall in love with its small-town charm, postcard-inspiring scenery, and deep community ties. Click on any of the Bigelow Home Communities below to learn a little more about each community’s location.

Contact us today to find your new home in Zumbrota, Minnesota!

Highlands of Zumbrota

Any golfers in the family will instantly take a shine to our Highlands of Zumbrota subdivision lot! Located right next to the Zumbrota Golf Club, this neighborhood is also surrounded by plenty of stunning scenery.

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Highlands of Zumbrota Second

Another location that’s ideal for avid golfers and homeowners looking for a more accessible living location, our Highlands of Zumbrota Second subdivision makes for an ideal spot to raise an active family amongst a tight knit community.

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Highlands of Zumbrota Third

Located adjacent to our Highlands of Zumbrota subdivision lot and Zumbrota Golf Club, our Highlands of Zumbrota Third subdivision lot offers plenty of custom housing options in a newly developed cul-de-sac that’s ideal for families looking to settle down.

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Highlands of Zumbrota Fourth

Situated north of our Highlands of Zumbrota Third subdivision lot and a little further away from the Zumbrota Golf Club, our Highlands of Zumbrota Fourth subdivision lot is perfect for homeowners in search of a little peace and quiet in their neighborhood. It’s also an extremely accessible strip of land, nestled right next to County 6 Boulevard road.

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Highlands of Zumbrota Fifth

When you’re living on a road that’s literally called Golf Links Ave, you know you’re in the right place for a golfer’s paradise! Our Highlands of Zumbrota Fifth subdivision is another excellent spot for all the golfers in your family, and resides in an established neighborhood with deep community ties.

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Highlands of Zumbrota Sixth

Our Highlands of Zumbrota Sixth subdivision lot is arguably as close to the Zumbrota Golf Club as you can get without actually living on the course! It’s also within close proximity to the Goodhue County Fair, one of Zumbrota’s biggest annual events.

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St. Paul Road Townhomes

Located within close proximity to a number of public parks and local stores and shops, our St. Paul Road Townhomes subdivision lot offers the perfect slice of life for any homeowners looking to truly plant their roots into the Zumbrota community!

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Zumbro Woodlands

Situated directly south of downtown Zumbrota and resting right next to U.S. Highway Route 52, our Zumbro Woodlands subdivision lot is one of the most accessible neighborhoods in town, offering a variety of model home options.

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Zumbro Woodlands Second

Tucked away right next to our Zumbro Woodlands subdivision lot, our Zumbro Woodlands Second subdivision lot is ideal for any Zumbrota residents looking to build their dream home right within the heart of the Zumbrota community.

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Zumbro Woodlands Second Townhomes

With so many custom housing options available, our Zumbro Woodlands Second Townhomes subdivision lot gives you more variety when it comes to choosing a new Zumbrota home that will be sure to suit your lifestyle needs for many years to come!

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Find Your New Zumbrota Home With Bigelow Homes!

Few towns capture the spirit and uniqueness of Minnesota quite like Zumbrota! At Bigelow Homes, we have over 30 years of experience when it comes to helping our clients build their dream home in Zumbrota, Minnesota, and settle down in a community that shares their passions and values.

Contact us today to find your new home in Zumbrota, Minnesota!

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