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One of the oldest and most historic cities in Minnesota, Mantorville allows its residents to relish and rediscover the experience of living in simpler times. With its fair share of historic buildings, scenic terrain, and charming local businesses, Mantorville is the perfect place for anyone looking to cherish the perks and convenience of small town life.

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Quick Facts About Mantorville
  • 25-minute drive from Rochester, Minnesota
  • Population of 1,111 (2021)
  • Popular Attractions: Mantorville Theatre Company, Dodge County Historical Society, Restoration House & Log Home, Zumbro Valley Recreation Club
  • Located right along Minnesota State Highway 57
Schools in Mantorville
  • Kasson-Mantorville Senior High School
  • Kasson-Mantorville Middle School
  • Dodge Center Elementary School
Parks in Mantorville
  • Riverside Park
  • Stussy RV Park
  • Mantorville and Kasson Bike Trails

Mantorville Communities

Looking to live in a place where community ties run deep and every resident is your neighbor and friend? Mantorville remains one of the premier tight knit communities in all of Southeastern, Minnesota!

Click on any of the Bigelow Home communities below to learn more about what makes all of our available subdivision lots unique and inviting.

Mantor Woods West

Located right off Main Street and conveniently located near Highway 57, our Mantor Woods West subdivision lot offers the most accessible location for getting in and out of the town of Mantorville, perfect for any resident that needs to frequently commute out of the city.

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Stagecoach Trails

Situated on the northwestern corner of town, our Stagecoach Trails subdivision lot is a neighborhood that provides a little slice of scenic sanctuary to all its inhabitants. It’s also located right next to a beautiful dog park, giving pet owners a convenient location to let their little pals let loose!

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Zumbro Acres Preserve

For a more hushed, remote living area nestled right on the outskirts of Mantorville, our Zumbro Acres Preserve subdivision lot is ideal for anyone looking to soak in the majestic surrounding scenery, while still being close enough to all the downtown amenities.

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Anybody looking to escape the grit and grind of big city life and raise a family in a safe, charming small-town environment will thrive in Mantorville, Minnesota! At Bigelow Homes, we take pride in helping our fellow Minnesotans find or build their dream homes in communities that align with their values and needs.

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