5 of the Most Family-Friendly Cities in Southern Minnesota
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5 of the Most Family-Friendly Cities in Southern Minnesota

There’s an art to finding the right city to raise your children. It’s not just knowing which school districts are better or which public parks have the most updated jungle gyms; it’s about understanding the energy and traditions of the community, and seeing which traits of the city align with your family’s interests, morals, and goals.

When it comes to finding the perfect place for your family, Southern Minnesota offers some of the best cities for raising kids. From top-ranking school systems and recreational activities to public parks and diverse housing options, Southern Minnesota is home to numerous family-friendly cities that will make you feel right at home.

Ready to start building your dream home in Southern Minnesota? Here are five of the most family-friendly cities in Southern Minnesota to start building your new house in!

1. Byron, Minnesota

Byron, Minnesota is a great spot for young families looking to settle down in Southern Minnesota. With its well-known schools, high graduation rate, and plenty of exciting events and attractions, Byron offers all kinds of educational and recreational opportunities for children of all ages. Plus, with several nearby parks, such as Oxbow Park which offers a zoo, nature center, trails, camping, fishing, and more, there's no shortage of outdoor fun for everyone!

2. Kasson, Minnesota

Kasson, Minnesota is another Southern Minnesota city that is perfect for families. This small town offers a safe, family-friendly atmosphere with plenty of outdoor activities to do throughout the year.

Popular attractions to spend a day with the kids include the Kasson Aquatic Center, Dodge County Ice Arena, or East Diamond Park. Kasson is also known for its top-notch Kasson-Mantorville Community Education system, making it an ideal place to raise children and provide them with quality education.

3. Kenyon, Minnesota

Kenyon, Minnesota is well known for its high-quality public schools, which attract families from all over Southern Minnesota. Kenyon is home to many great parks and recreational facilities such as Kenyon Country Club, Riverside Park, Depot Park, and Kenyon Veterans Memorial Park – providing plenty of entertainment options for kids and adults alike! And in the summertime, you’ll be sure to take the kids to the famous Boulevard of Roses on Main Street and "Rosefest" festival, held every summer!

4. Pine Island, Minnesota

Pine Island, Minnesota is one of Southern Minnesota’s best-kept secrets when it comes to family-friendly cities. Pine Island is home to a variety of kid-friendly attractions, such as the Aquatic Center, Pine Island White Pines Sportsman's Club, Pine Island Golf Course, and Pioneers Baseball!

Pine Island offers a rural community atmosphere with plenty of parks and recreational activities, as well as an excellent school system that ranks among Southern Minnesota’s highest. Plus, housing options are plentiful in the area – making it easy to find something that fits your needs.

5. Zumbrota, Minnesota

Zumbrota, Minnesota is one of Southern Minnesota's most popular destinations for families looking to settle down. Zumbrota is home to the top notch educational system of the Zumbrota-Mazeppa Public Schools district, as well as plenty of outdoor activities like hiking trails, fishing spots, and bike paths. The city also offers a variety of affordable housing options and model homes that will be sure to suit your budgetary needs.

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